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Audi claims self-drive speed record

21/10/2014 - Audi says one of its self-drive test cars topped 149mph (240km/h) at a race track in Germany, beating a human-driven version.

Students Build Oculus Moon Robot

21/10/2014 - US team develop a robot that can send back live pictures from the Moon as part of attempt to win Google's Lunar X-Prize.

Man guilty of fake-girl webcam sex

21/10/2014 - An Australian man is convicted of performing a sex act in front of a webcam "watched by" a computer-generated child he believed was real.

Staples Investigating Hack Attack

21/10/2014 - Staples becomes latest US retailer to investigate data thefts, leading the US government to call for a swift move to chip-and-pin.

UK spy drones to fly over Syria

21/10/2014 - The UK will fly unmanned drones over Syria in the battle against Islamic State militants, the government says.

China Denies Backing ICloud Hack

21/10/2014 - The Chinese government has denied reports that it was involved in an attempt to steal user data from iCloud accounts.

Google changes 'to fight piracy'

20/10/2014 - Google announces changes to its search engine in an attempt to curb online piracy.